3 mountain cover image


Pakistan is home to biggest mountain ranges in the world. There are 14 mountains in our planet Earth that are 8000 meters high. These are also known as “Eight Thousanders”. Pakistan has 5 of these 8000 meter high mountains. Worlds biggest glacier Baltoro Glacier is also in Pakistan. It is one of few landmarks that can be viewed from space.

Most of Pakistani mountains are in Karokaram range. K2 world’s second highest peak is also situated in Karokaram, Pakistan. One can see other large mountain ranges like Himalyas and Hindukush in Pakistan.

This 360 panorama is captured at 3M. 3M is an abbreviation of 3 Mountains. This spot provides one of the best view for mountain lovers. One can see World’s three biggest mountain ranges i.e. Karokaram, Himalyas and Hindkush meeting at this place.

I have tried to capture Experience of this place in 360 degrees panorama. I wanted to share my experience with you people. Now You can look in any direction of your choice and immerse yourself into the place.

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